Colt unveils Market Data Monitoring System

Colt unveils Market Data Monitoring System

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Colt Technology Services has launched its Colt Market Data Monitoring System for capital market customers.

The new offering offers greater transparency into customer's service and underlying digital infrastructure. While the new portal – the latest addition to Colt’s capital markets portfolio –gives real-time insight into service performance for market data feeds and usage.

“With so many businesses impacted by cost pressures, it has never been more important for organisations to gain visibility into their operations and service performance," said Arthur Rank, global director of capital markets solutions, Colt Technology Services.

"Our market data expertise combined with our trading infrastructure services, highly skilled development team and market-data normalisation software position us perfectly to deliver this transparency to our Capital Markets customers with the Colt Market Data Monitoring System."

The solution was designed and developed by Colt’s software team to meet the need for enhanced visibility into service performance, and facilitates the monitoring of: bandwidth use, message rates, dropped packets, and A/B feed latency deltas.

In addition, businesses can generate analytics on data feeds and usage in daily reports, enabling informed, data-led decision-making for their companies. Fully integrated with Colt’s services and managed by the Colt, the portal creates light-touch infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering for market players. Service monitoring occurs within the exchange colocation and through the network, for comprehensive visibility.

“At Colt, our commitment to delivering an unrivalled service experience is our North Star, and the Capital Markets sector is a critical part of our legacy. Launching this portal reflects our firm commitment to our Capital Markets customers, helping them to build extraordinary connections,” added Rank.

In related news, earlier this month Colt announced the availability of its 4G/5G Wireless Access service in Japan.

The new service deployment means that Colt customers will benefit from optimised Internet connectivity and cloud use leveraging 4G/5G. Specifically, Colt will offer a 'one-stop-shop' redundant solution combined with wired connectivity.

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