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Commsworld deploys dark fibre into Pulsant facility

Sarah Mills - Neos white background.png
Sarah Mills, Neos Networks

Commsworld has deployed a dark fibre route for Neos Networks, which offers a direct connection to the main data halls in Pulsant's South Gyle facility, in Edinburgh.

The contract was awarded by Neos Networks, extending the reach of its own end-to-end dark fibre network and further supporting its operations throughout the Scottish capital.

Sarah Mills, CRO of Neos Networks, said: “We have been working in partnership with Commsworld for a number of years and are pleased at how the relationship has developed over this time, and some of the fantastic projects we’ve delivered together. More recently, they’ve been crucial in helping us better connect Edinburgh via the Pulsant data centre, delivering the services in record time and with the resilience and diversity required.”

Previously, Neos Networks assisted Commsworld in providing scalable network solutions which have enabled Commsworld to deliver ultra-reliable and high-capacity internet connectivity to major sporting events and festivals in Scotland.

Steve Wood, group sales director for Commsworld, said: “This contract delivery for Neos Networks further strengthens the relationship between the two companies, and shows that Commsworld now has the capability to deliver core connectivity to a tier one telecoms operator such as Neos Networks, cementing our status in the carrier space.

“As Commsworld expands its fibre footprint, we see further opportunities, giving us the capability to sign long-term contracts to the benefit of both organisations. Neos Networks’ assistance in the provision of connectivity to the likes of the Open Championship was a fantastic example of the work that can be delivered when we work together.”

Commsworld manages and controls one of the largest privately-funded optical core networks in the UK, built on more than 2,000km of dark fibre and completed in 2020 at a cost of £10 million.

Last year, Neos – trading as SSE Enterprise Telecoms until March 2021 – expanded its wholesale fibre network in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and London.