Kao Data unveils the Kao Academy

Kao Data unveils the Kao Academy

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Kao Data confirms the launch of the Kao Academy – a STEM resource, designed to engage primary and early secondary school-aged children with the data centre industry.

Established in collaboration with Cambridge Science Centre, the Kao Academy will help teach children aged 7-11 about the role of a data centre, how they are designed, engineered and constructed, and explain both their importance and relevance to our everyday lives.

“Data centres are today instrumental to our way of life – they underpin many of our daily activities, support our work, entertainment, retail and financial choices, facilitate human inter-communication and were fundamental in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Adam Nethersole, vice president, Kao Data.

“Despite all of this, general understanding and appreciation of data centres is surprisingly low. Starting with children, and through the Kao Academy, our mission is to drive greater awareness of data centres, their crucial role, and showcase the people who design, build, and operate them.”

Delivered via an interactive website, the Kao Academy provides users with several resources, including a live ‘data-crunching’ game, a downloadable ‘how-to’ pack which children can download to build their own data centre, as well as educational videos on how Kao Data’s KLON-1 facility in Harlow was constructed.

Children can also download additional e-learning resources to learn and play and take part in a competition to get creative and design their own data centre, potentially winning £150 of LEGO and earning a special visit to the Kao Data campus in Harlow.

In related news, last month Virgin Media Business Wholesale signed a carrier agreement with Kao data to increase low-latency connectivity solutions at Kao’s Harlow campus, enabling enable 10 to 100 gigabit services via the new point of presence.

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