Arc joins DCConnect ecosystem for on-demand connectivity

Arc joins DCConnect ecosystem for on-demand connectivity

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Arc Solutions and DCConnect have signed an agreement to simplify the way in which global users connect across the Middle East.

Specifically, Arc now joins DCConnect’s ecosystem of more than 1,000 global points of presence and is offering its services via DCConnect’s global platform. DCConnect also offers two-way inter-carrier software-defined network orchestration through API integration, as well as a data centre interconnection marketplace.

“Together with DCConnect, we’re making it simple, efficient and fast to connect across the region and roll out applications and services. We share a vision for friction-free connectivity delivered via the web or API with no barriers between networks," said Mahesh Jaishankar, CEO of Arc.

"DCConnect’s orchestration capabilities mean that users can build the networks they need with a model that puts them in control of their services. We are looking forward to working together and delivering world-class networking for customers around the world.”

Though the collaboration, DCConnect expands its reach in the Middle East through Arc’s terrestrial network while Arc integrates its services into DCConnect’s platform for full end-to-end automated service delivery.

In addition, both Arc and DCConnect are jointly developing further solutions for customers by combining their expertise, network capabilities and future goals, delivering expanded coverage, cost-efficiencies and rapid provisioning, from a single provider.

“There’s a tremendous opportunity in offering simplified access to key hubs across the Middle East. For example, an enterprise in Singapore can now rapidly turn up services and roll out applications across digital hubs in the Middle East with a simple but powerful networking model," said Henry Lam, CEO of DCConnect.

"Our partnership with Arc enables more organisations to experience our platform and see how simple it can be to connect and grow across the globe. This is a win-win for both of our businesses, and I look forward to growing together with Arc.”