South Carolina's first public IX goes live
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South Carolina's first public IX goes live

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DartPoints' has deployed a Bridge IX edge internet exchange in Columbia, South Carolina, giving the state its first dedicated exchange.

Now live, the launch means the state's traffic no longer needs to be routed to Atlanta, Georgia, or Charlotte, North Carolina. The IX allows local state traffic to stay local and participating organisations to peer directly with each other.

“By providing a vendor neutral and scalable peering infrastructure that creates and encourages partnership opportunities for all participants, we’re strengthening South Carolina’s internet connectivity ecosystem, and by extension, the state’s economy as a whole,” said Brad Alexander, CTO of DartPoints and a South Carolina resident.

“Ultimately, Bridge IX offers South Carolina stronger, better performing, and more cost-effective internet connectivity infrastructure.”

DartPoints said Bridge IX members can also peer with "the largest number of cloud service providers, content providers, and carriers across the globe".

It may be the state's first IX, but DartPoints has been active in South Carolina for more than a decade and operates data centres in Columbia, Greenville, North Charleston and Spartanburg.

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