DC BLOX expands data centres in Birmingham and Greenville

DC BLOX expands data centres in Birmingham and Greenville

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DC BLOX has announced the expansion of its Birmingham, AL and Greenville data centres.

The Birmingham data centre expansions include an additional data hall with a new design that will accommodate cabinets for both High Performance Compute (HPC) as well as standard cabinets within the same space.

The company says the growth of the HPC market is being driven by a number of factors including the availability of lower-cost HPC systems based on commodity hardware and the increased use of AI and machine learning (AI/ML) applications.

The hall will support up to 2.4 megawatts (MW) of distributed redundant power, which the company says, is consistent with the Tier III design of its standard data halls.

Its new hall can accommodate up to 20 standard retail cabinets and 36 HPC-capable cabinets that support 34kW of power.

“DC BLOX’s new “flex space” design enables the efficient allocation of floor space and power between HPC and standard cabinets to accommodate variations in local demand,” says John Dumler, VP of design and engineering for DC BLOX.

“This new data hall design will help not only Birmingham but can also be added to any of our data centres across our markets to respond to local customers’ needs.”

The Greenville facility, which opened earlier this year, is adding its second data hall since announcing its official opening in January 2022.

“We are seeing growing demand for secure and reliable data centre services across our markets,” said Kurt Stoever, COO for DC BLOX.

“DC BLOX is very pleased to be able to not only meet these growing needs with state-of-the-art data centre and connectivity infrastructure, but to adjust to specific market needs with our innovative HPC-capable data hall design.”

The 9000 square foot data hall will adhere to the design found in all of DC BLOX’s facilities and will supply 1MW of redundant power.

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