OneWeb appoints three senior US execs to its board

OneWeb appoints three senior US execs to its board

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OneWeb factory Florida

OneWeb has announced that the US government has approved its appointment of three former senior US national security officials to serve as members of its proxy board.

The board will be led by chairman Susan M. Gordon, former US principal deputy director of national intelligence Richard V. Spencer and the 24th secretary of the US Army Ryan D. McCarthy.

The proxy board was appointed to protect US classified information and ensure OneWeb Technologies’ compliance with US government regulations.

"We welcome this distinguished group of advisors to help guide OneWeb Technologies as we continue our work as a trusted partner and satellite communications service provider to the U.S. and allied governments," said Bob Roe, OneWeb Technologies CEO.

"OneWeb Technologies has always had deep industry relationships, broad market experience and an agile approach to business, and we now have an impressive board with extensive experience in national security."

OneWeb says it plans to improve communications in underserved and denied environments – an issue that has long been a hindrance for the US military and others.

Its network is poised to address those challenges with cybersecurity at the heart of its offerings for the government markets, it says.

The satellite firm has two-thirds of its constellation launched and is providing coverage above the 50th parallel North – reaching areas that have historically been difficult to connect.

This includes Alaska, Canada and the wider Arctic region.

OneWeb CEO Neil Masterson added: "The wealth of experience and expertise Sue, Ryan and Richard bring with them will be invaluable to leveraging OneWeb's network to deliver vital network enhancements to government customers."

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