China Mobile building ‘world’s largest green optical network’

China Mobile building ‘world’s largest green optical network’

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao bridge.jpg

China Mobile is building an optical network to connect the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao area.

The so-called Greater Bay Area, the region of southern China already connected by a 55km bridge (pictured) and tunnel, has a population of 71 million.

Huawei and China Mobile Guangdong have now built an all-optical network cluster for the area. Both Macao and Hong Kong are special administrative regions (SARs) of China. 

It is “the world’s largest green all-optical switching hub network”, said Huawei. It “aims to help thousands of industries enjoy advanced network technologies while further saving energy and reducing emissions, thereby making the digital economy greener”.

The company has given no cost for the project, which has so far used more than 110 optical cross-connect (OXC) devices to replace what China Mobile calls “power-hungry and inefficient SDH devices”.

Huawei noted: “SDH modernisation has been implemented for about 5,000 SDH devices, saving 3,000 sq m of space. Additionally, about 7.9 million kWh of electricity [has been] saved and over 5,000 tons of carbon emissions are reduced each year.”

The company claimed: “So far, the all-optical network cluster in the Greater Bay Area has served over 110 million individuals, 18 million households, and 2 million enterprises, while reducing electricity use by over 10 million kWh and carbon emissions by over 6400 tons for local communication networks each year.”

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