Five things to watch February 18: Nokia teams with Telefonica Germany, eX2 expands dark fibre services, Infovista’s solution for 5G networks

Five things to watch February 18: Nokia teams with Telefonica Germany, eX2 expands dark fibre services, Infovista’s solution for 5G networks

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Capacity shares five key stories to watch from around the world today.

Nokia supports OpenRAN Intelligent RIC for Telefonica Germany

Nokia is set to provide O2 Telefonica with an OpenRAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) that can connect to its own commercial live network in Germany.

O2 says this is key to providing the best experience for its customers and they will enjoy optimum coverage and performance as a result of the partnership.

Mallik Rao, chief technology and information officer at Telefonica Germany said: “The newly developed RAN Intelligent Controller forms an important element for our network on our way to a perfectly optimized mobile network; with the help of its artificial intelligence, we want to be able to optimize our network faster and more precisely than before.

“The RIC is an important development step in this regard, as it can control both classic mobile networks and newer, Open RAN-based networks.

“We are looking forward to the results we gather in the joint trial with Nokia in the coming months and whether they will meet our expectations for AI in the network.”

eX2 Technology expands dark fibre availability

eX2 Technology has announced a partnership to provide commercialisation services for communications infrastructure along APS’s right of way.

During the three-year partnership, eX2 will market and offer dark fibre, conduit, regeneration and colocation space, laterals and access points and other wireline and wireless assets to those seeking to expand their services within the APS service territory.

“We are excited about this partnership and the potential benefits for the broadband industry,” said Jay Jorgensen, COO, eX² Technology.

“These newly available dark fibre assets give carriers and service providers alternate routes to key Arizona markets, provide redundancy and offer connections to data centres and other colocation facilities.”

Telent and Sure teams to provide ultra-fast connectivity to Channel Islands

170,000 homes and businesses across the Channel Islands and Islands are set to benefit from ultra-fast internet access as a result of a partnership between Telent and telecoms provider Sure.

Sure’s existing 10G core network has also been successfully upgraded to a 100G Juniper core network. The project from Telent includes major capacity upgrades and crucial security enhancements to replace existing Sure equipment.

“Telent is delighted to have worked collaboratively with Sure to help deliver ultra-fast internet connectivity to 170,000 users across the Channel Islands and Isle of Man,” said Shani Latif, sales director at Telent.

“Our expertise to design and deploy the upgraded core network has ensured Sure’s network is high capacity, secure and reliable for its enterprise business customers across a host of sectors.”

Infovista launches automated solution to accelerate 5G networks

Infovista has announced Automated Single Site Verification (SSV) to automate 5G cell site validation.

This, the company says, will save time and cost for mobile operators deploying and testing new and existing multi-site 5G networks.

It adds that the automation of network testing processes removes trial and error and significantly reduces the time to market 5G.

Jaana Tengman, director of product management and network testing at Infovista said: “Legacy testing processes simply aren’t fit for purpose when it comes to 5G networks; their complexity, magnified by the environments in which they are being deployed, are making multi-site testing a costly and time intensive overhead.

“Automating testing routines to identify where testing needs to be done is a gamechanger for operators who are racing to deploy new 5G sites, while continuing to optimise and expand existing network coverage.” partners with Lekha Wireless and Blue Arcus for a custom-carrier network solution has announced a strategic collaboration with Lekha Wireless and Blue Arcus to offer automation and orchestration capabilities for the disaggregated 5G market. 

The partnership will enable private and enterprise networks, MEC use cases and facilities Industry 4.0 use cases. 

On the tripartite partnership, Mehran Hadipour, vice president of business development and tech alliances at said: " is excited to address the private 5G use cases through a partnership with Lekha Wireless and BlueArcus to integrate on Robin's Cloud Native and Orchestration platform to deploy, manage the entire network function stack at scale, lowering the operational cost and minimizing deployment time."

Lekha Wireless has developed C.U., D.U., and R.U. components for its OpenRAN network customising them for specific applications and network topologies, including 5G N.R. technology designed to enable use cases beyond cellular networks.

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