AT&T to exchange IP voice traffic with Inteliquent

AT&T to exchange IP voice traffic with Inteliquent


AT&T has agreed to use Inteliquent's Internet Protocol (IP) voice traffic exchange services.

The collaboration will enable AT&T to exchange end-to-end IP voice traffic with other US service providers connected to Inteliquent's Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX). At the same time, IP service providers can also use Inteliquent's IPX to exchange STIR/SHAKEN compliant traffic with AT&T in an IP format.

"We're committed to meeting our customers' needs to migrate communications to the cloud to gain greater assurance that calls received are legitimate, along with greater operational efficiencies," said John Nolan (pictured), vice president of global connections and alliance management at AT&T.

"This effort will allow small and mid-size carriers an easy, efficient and economical way to interconnect with AT&T via IP to exchange voice traffic. Inteliquent understands our objectives to build upon the strength of our network and infrastructure and provide more choices to the carriers we trade traffic with."

The partnership between the two will create a more ubiquitous access to transcoder-free calls through the IP traffic exchange. Customers will also benefit from an enhanced experience due to end-to-end high-definition voice and other capabilities provided by the 5G network.

These capabilities apply to all types of carrier IP voice traffic including consumer or business, wireline or wireless, that can connect to Inteliquent's IPX then deliver it to AT&T.

"For over 15 years, Inteliquent has been fortunate to team with AT&T. We are excited to collaborate and allow AT&T to send and receive IP traffic transcoder-free and extend the benefits of LTE everywhere. Plus, with our STIR/SHAKEN compliant IPX solution, we're working together in the fight against robocalling," said Surendra Saboo, president of Inteliquent.  

"This year, we have experienced incredible momentum within Inteliquent — building out IP infrastructure and helping carriers smoothly transition to IP is one of our core strengths. Our work with AT&T cements our status as a leader in voice IPX connectivity and allows us the ability to offer direct IP connectivity to all of our customers. Plus, it builds our trusted and long-standing relationship with AT&T, a significant alliance we greatly appreciate and want to continue to expand."

February 2021 saw Sinch acquire Inteliquent for a total cash consideration of $1.14 billion.

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