1623 Farnam to use Arelion’s 800G route in Omaha

1623 Farnam to use Arelion’s 800G route in Omaha

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Arelion, the former Telia Carrier, has upgraded its network capacity and capabilities at 1623 Farnam’s interconnected edge data centre in Omaha.

The boost means 1623 Farnam, which provides network-neutral edge interconnection and data centre services in the area, can use Arelion’s new 800G route.

1623 Farnam president Todd Cushing (pictured) said: “Customers that are looking to digitally transform need ample network capacity for their applications and systems to thrive – and it’s clear we have a tremendous amount of capacity in Omaha.”

The company said that this network expansion also enables access to Arelion’s new multi-terabit optical fibre route, which uses Infinera’s ICE6 800G coherent transponder technology to deliver high-capacity bandwidth from Chicago to Denver .

Arelion, which Telia Company sold last year to a Swedish pension fund, has more than 70,000km of fibre and 1,700 MPLS endpoints connecting customers in 125 countries.

Its presence within the 1623 Farnam carrier and cloud ecosystem has been augmented by its recently completed 800G fiber route spanning from Denver to Omaha, Des Moines and Chicago.

Cushing said: “Many vendors are dealing with 25-30-week lead times, and people don’t have that kind of time anymore. We have the capacity available and ready to go. As an edge expert and a connectivity connoisseur, we’re glad that we can continue to improve our ecosystem with wonderful partners and tenants.”

Arelion performed successful field validation tests from the 1623 Farnam data centre late last year and is now providing general availability of capacity, said the company.



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