T5 confirms 200MW project in Georgia's cybersecurity hub

T5 confirms 200MW project in Georgia's cybersecurity hub

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T5 Data Centers is planning a 140-acre, 200 MW government and enterprise cloud data centre campus in Augusta, Georgia.

The cybersecurity corridor of Augusta, Georgia is home to the U. S. Army Cyber Command and the Cyber School of Excellence at Fort Gordon.

Named T5@Augusta, the new campus is immediately adjacent to both of these with access to an "abundant and unique pool of highly trained, certified IT and cybersecurity personnel with secret and top-secret federal credentials", T5 said.

T5 added that it can customise building designs to meet "unique commercial or federal cloud specifications", which include ICD 705 SCIF or non-SCIF requirements, enhanced setbacks and physical security, modular and sustainable infrastructure, technical office and support environments.

CEO Pete Marin said: “The vast, premium location of this property makes it ideal for federal cloud space and government contractors, with access to a large labour force with required security clearances, access to lit, dark, and black fiber, and any necessary physical security measures.

“In addition, our clients get a business-friendly and stable tax environment, with 100% sales tax abatement on IT purchases, property tax rebates, and low-cost reliable power,” Marin continued.  

The location also provides access to 16 carriers, and low latency connectivity to existing federal cloud zones.

The area is fast becoming known as a top-tier cybersecurity destination, joining Northern VA, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and Huntsville, among others.

 Steven Kendrick, chairman of the Augusta Economic Development Authority said: “Augusta has made a name for itself as a hub for the cybersecurity industry. With T5’s development of this vast tract of land, the company is helping spur more tech-centric economic development for the community.

“We are pleased to support new projects in the area that will cement our city’s cybersecurity stronghold.”


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