Colt partners with Oracle in Sweden

Colt partners with Oracle in Sweden

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Colt has announced it is expanding its IQ Network footprint by expanding its services to the Oracle Cloud Stockholm Region.

The expansion will allow customers to use secure connectivity from their sites to the Oracle Cloud via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) FastConnect.

Colt has two Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) in Copenhagen and Stockholm and over 670 connected business sites and 45 connected data centres in the region.

The firm says that its offering, paired with OCI FastConnect will ensure an easy, flexible, and economical way for enterprises in Sweden’s industrial and financial heart to connect to Oracle Cloud.

Jaya Deshmukh, Colt’s EVP of strategy and transformation said: “We can be a significant player in increasing competitiveness, boosting productivity and meeting the future demands of enterprises.

“Customers in Sweden and the Nordic region will have access to the extensive Colt IQ Network, which delivers connectivity to over 900 key data centres and more than 29,000 buildings worldwide, as well as the long-distance network connecting Europe to key hubs in Asia, enabling the digital transformation of businesses looking to support their high bandwidth needs.

“By pairing the high bandwidth, secure and intelligent Colt IQ Network with an enterprise cloud platform built on a heritage of reliability and security, Colt and Oracle deliver a market-leading end-to-end cloud experience.”

Colt has been working with Oracle for three years, initially allowing businesses to take advantage of the 100Gbps Colt IQ Network.

With OCI, Colt says customers will benefit from consistent, high performance and it provides the expertise to bring enterprise workloads to the cloud quickly and efficiently.

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