Five things to watch December 10: Kyndryl teams with NetApp, AdaptiveMobile publishes 5G SMS blueprint, Nokia hosts 5G holographic call

Five things to watch December 10: Kyndryl teams with NetApp, AdaptiveMobile publishes 5G SMS blueprint, Nokia hosts 5G holographic call

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Capacity shares five key stories from around the world making headlines today!

Kyndryl teams with NetApp to deliver data infrastructure for BMW 

Kyndryl and NetApp have announced they have entered an agreement with BMW to manage the enterprise storage infrastructure for the automaker’s production process. 

Kyndryl will serve as the lead integrator while NetApp provides the hybrid cloud data for BMW’s data centre needs. 

The deal covers 17 countries on five continents with Germany, the US and China being described as “key markets”. 

Markus Koerner, President of Kyndryl Germany said: "We're proud that BMW Group has selected Kyndryl for this strategic program. The technology and services that we provide, will be advancing innovation for the entire organization while ensuring operational stability.”

AdaptiveMobile publishes 5G MS blueprint 

AdaptiveMobile Security has today published a blueprint on how to secure SMS on 5G networks. 

The research reveals how SMS operates on the next generation of networks, identifying emerging security risks and attack scenarios that exist on those networks. 

It also sets out principles for securing 5G against malicious attacks via SMS and stresses the need for attack correlation across both legacy 2G, 3G, 4G and new 5G protocols. 

“Rumours of the demise of SMS have been greatly exaggerated, in particular in the A2P market where we continue to see strong growth said Cathal McDaid, CTO of AdaptiveMobile Security.

“SMS holds and will continue to hold significant and considerable advantages to Over-the-Top messaging services. Despite all the new features of 5G, SMS’s ability to reach every mobile device in the world makes it a powerful tool for mobile operators and brands, both today but also for the foreseeable future.”

Nokia, CityFibre and University of Glasgow unveil 5G holographic call

Nokia and CityFibre have jointly announced the trial of the UK’s first 25G PON network to support 5G transport. 

Using the University of Glasgow as its testbed and funded by the Scotland 5G centre, the companies carried out a series of simulations including holographic calls between campus buildings, teleoperation of a robotic arm and 8K video streaming. 

Matt Yarwood, network architect at CityFibre, said “Nokia and the University of Glasgow 5G Centre have demonstrated the ease at which CityFibre’s Full Fibre passive optical networks can scale and evolve to meet tomorrow’s technology requirements. 

“This better-by-design approach to digital infrastructure means we can accommodate the low latency backhaul requirements of 4G & 5G mobile operators and enable the development of new and exciting high-bandwidth applications.”

SES Government Solutions releases unified operational network

SES Government Solutions has announced its new Common Operational Picture Platform Hydra. 

Hydra is a modular web-based monitoring and control system that will provide end-to-end situational awareness in a single unified operational network platform for the US government and military. 

It is built upon cloud-native and micro-services architecture and SES says it is secure by design, incorporating the latest security and data processing technologies. 

“Hydra is the convergence of tactical, operational, and strategic enterprise data in a single pane view,” said president and CEO of SES Government Solutions, brigadier general Pete Hoene, USAF (retired). 

“Having information in real-time can be the difference between mission success and mission failure. SES GS has identified the need for a tool that compiles and transforms open-source data in a customisable dashboard to help manage situations rapidly and allow in-real time informed decision making.”

Windstream announces Insights Engine enhancements 

Windstream Enterprise (WE) has released new enhancements available within its SD-WAN with Fortinet managed service offering via its WE Connect Insights Engine. 

The WE Connect Insight Engine delivers detailed insights into an organisations’ network and gathers, evaluates and creates a record of data that allows users to see trends over time. 

“The WE Connect Insight Engine gives customers a 360-view into their applications, circuits and devices, providing real-time visibility and actionable insights,” said Mike Frane, vice president of product management, Windstream Enterprise. 

“This Insight Engine highlights underperforming areas within their network to help mitigate network issues that may limit business connectivity and productivity.”

New tools available to customers ‘Sites Digest’ which provides a health overview of all locations and ‘Device Digest’ which displays the top devices using bandwidth across all locations in a network.

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