Cambium Networks launches 28GHz cnWave 5G solution

Cambium Networks launches 28GHz cnWave 5G solution

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Cambium Networks, a wireless networking solutions provider, confirms the availability of a 5G-based fixed wireless access solution.

The 28GHz cnWave 5G NR-based solution is specifically built for fixed wireless access, delivering high speed and low latency. The solution complements fibre or mobile infrastructure, which struggles to meet difficult return on investment targets in low and medium-density environments.

Operating in the 24.25 to 29.50GHz mmWave bands and encompassing the 3GPP 5G channels N257, N258, and N261, the 5G fixed solution will use the technological advantages of the 3GPP 5G NR Protocol and frame structure optimised for fixed wireless applications. The solution also features simplified deployment planning and centralised cloud management.

“5G fixed technology fits perfectly as a complement to wired or mobile networks,” said Chris DePuy, technology analyst at 650 Group.

“Hybrid networks may require service provider architects to think differently, but the capital spending savings can be significant.”

In addition, the system is designed to operate in urban, suburban, and rural locations. Using 112MHz wide channels, 28GHz cnWave can provide over 3Gbps of throughput and can support up to 240 subscribers per sector with a range up to 7km.

Other features of the solution include, TDMA with TDD Synchronisation which reduces self-interference and enables frequency re-use, multi-user MIMO that provides up to eight simultaneous data streams to CPEs, beamforming that optimises performance and noise isolation, and automated provisioning to streamline installation and provisioning.

“To expand their addressable market, service providers are leveraging hybrid networks,” said Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO of Cambium Networks.

“28GHz cnWave enables operators to extend coverage beyond their core networks with high-performance wireless broadband in areas where the economics of mobile and fibre technologies cannot be justified and or where time to service is a competitive advantage.”

Cambium Networks’ 5G Fixed broadband fabric is made up of 28GHz BTS, tower switches, CPE, Wi-Fi Access Points, planning tools and centralised cloud management.

28GHz cnWave is the newest technology in Cambium Networks’ wireless fabric portfolio of solutions, including mmWave, LTE, CBRS, MU-MIMO, and indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi 6 – all managed by the cnMaestro system.

“28GHz cnWave enables service providers to extend the fibre core in a matter of weeks or months instead of years,” said Scott Imhoff, senior vice president of product management and planning at Cambium Networks.

“Service providers can create hybrid network extensions for access and for Wi-Fi or small cell architectures at a lower total cost to easily extend coverage.”

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