eStruxture adds second Calgary data centre

eStruxture adds second Calgary data centre


Canadian-owned data centre provider eStruxture is adding a second facility in Calgary, planned for the second half of 2022.

Named CAL-2 and located in north Calgary – 23 kilometres from CAL-1 – the facility will be the largest, Tier III designed data centre in the area. eStruxture said it will bring "true hyperscale capacity" to the market, with three initial data halls, 30MW of power and almost 93,000 square feet of space.

Todd Coleman, president and CEO of eStruxture said: "We entered the Calgary market three years ago on the belief that the economy would rebound, and the market would develop into a key Canadian data centre market through growth and demand from both existing industries and new industries establishing their data centre footprint here.

"We have experienced this growth first-hand, filling out our capacity at CAL-1, our first facility in Calgary. At eStruxture, we are confident that Calgary is becoming one of Canada's critical data centre hubs," he added.

eStruxture said there will be "fully-diverse inter-site connectivity" between CAL-1 and CAL-2, offering enhanced redundancy and "diverse power grid capability" for customers.

On the sustainability front, eStruxture said it will follow a similar approach to that used for MTL-2, installing water-less, free-cooling systems. That facility saw eStruxture partner with Vertiv in 2019 to convert the building that housed the Montreal Gazette printing press into a data centre.

Much like CAL-2, MTL-2 was planned as a 30MW facility with direct connections to all major clouds, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

The provider sources energy via renewable Canadian provider Hydro-Quebec and uses hot-isle, cold-isle containment.

eStruxture's wider portfolio is comprised of five facilities in Montreal, five in Toronto, three in Vancouver and now two confirmed facilities in Calgary.

Coleman said: "We are very proud to be building a Canadian colocation powerhouse, and are committed to investing in the Canadian economy, creating more jobs, and providing the very best service to our customers, including large-scale companies."

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