Five things to watch November 3: AT&T offers carbon neutral 5G, Cogent selects DRFortress for internet services in Hawaii, Comviva launches BlueMarble platform

Five things to watch November 3: AT&T offers carbon neutral 5G, Cogent selects DRFortress for internet services in Hawaii, Comviva launches BlueMarble platform

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Here are the five things you need to know for 3 November 2021, from around the world.

AT&T offers carbon neutral 5G in Austin, Texas

AT&T has announced it will begin offering its customers' carbon-neutral 5G.  

The company says it will offset the carbon footprint of customers buying a 5G device from select retail stores in Austin, Texas. 

The scheme is part of AT&T’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2035 and will work by offsetting greenhouse emissions associated with average network usage over the average lifespan of the qualifying devices. 

These offsets are verified by third parties to ensure its validity and alongside this, AT&T says it has committed to two regional tree-planting projects in the area.

Kacific deploys ST Engineering iDirect tech across Asia Pacific 

Satellite communications provider ST Engineering iDirect has deployed its Mx-DMA MRC technology with Kacific across rural and suburban areas of the Pacific and Southeast Asia. 

Mx-DMA MRC is a patented multi-access waveform that incorporates the scalability of MF-TDMA with greater efficiency. It allows service providers to cover various cases in a single return link without making tradeoffs between speed and efficiency.

Mx-DMA MRC will enable Kacific to scale its services while simplifying operations by optimising the network bandwidth in real-time. The new protocol increases Kacific’s capabilities, according to the company, and will drive connectivity in the region. 

“We first introduced Mx-DMA back in 2014 as a response to the MF-TDMA versus SCPC dilemma that many of our customers face. Mx-DMA MRC builds on that legacy and takes it to another level,” said Bart Van Poucke, vice president of products at ST Engineering iDirect. 

“We are proud that Kacific has become one of the early adopters of this technology. This will enable them to unlock tremendous flexibility and scale, open up opportunities and allow them to deliver a broader range of service levels at a lower cost structure without compromise.

Cogent Communications selects DRFortress to deliver internet services in Hawaii

DRFortress has announced it has partnered with Cogent Communications to offer internet services at the DRFortress data centre in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

DRFortress is the largest and only carrier-neutral data centre and cloud marketplace operating in Hawaii and it will now be powered by Cogent’s network which spans over 212 markets and 49 countries. 

"DRFortress was the logical data centre choice for Cogent in Hawaii," said Vincent Teissier, CMO at Cogent Communications.

"We selected DRFortress because it is a major technology leader and the best-equipped data centre facility in Hawaii. Many of the top businesses in Hawaii are DRFortress customers and we are excited to help these businesses extend and enhance their global reach."

Comviva launches BlueMarble platform 

Comviva has announced the launch of its new BlueMarble platform for digital commerce and business systems.

The platform is an integrated digital commerce, order management, customer care and partner management platform that is specifically designed for communication service providers (CSPs).

BlueMarble is 5G ready and will empower CSPs to serve all customer types and channels according to Comviva.

Manoranjan (Mao) Mohapatra, CEO at Comviva said, “We are significantly raising the digital bar with our next generation BlueMarble solution. Industry boundaries have blurred and Communication Service Providers today, are competing against digital native companies at various levels. 

“The new BlueMarble solution represents a major upward shift and will present a whole lot of new opportunities for the CSPs in this 5G era, driven by innovation and agility. It shall help organizations quickly launch new products, grow revenue, expand partner ecosystems, and provide world-class customer experiences.”

Cerillion unveils latest BSS/OSS suite

Cerillion has unveiled the latest release of its Enterprise BSS/OSS suits, Cerillion 21.2. 

The new platform will provide communications service providers (CSPs) with a flexible and scalable platform that supports business change, according to the company. 

The platform offers products such as 5G charging evolution, master address management and enhanced B2B sales management. 

Alongside this, the company added that it will continue to implement new standard integrations as part of its growing ecosystem of solutions. 

“Enabling business agility has always been at the forefront of our company strategy, helping customers to respond to market challenges and opportunities through a versatile product-based solution,” said Louis Hall, CEO of Cerillion.

 “Cerillion 21.2 takes this to the next level with further flexibility to scale up and down or to pivot quickly, delivered with the same certainty of outcome that we have built our reputation on over the past 22 years.”

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