Telstra and Equinix bring hybrid network options to capital markets

Telstra and Equinix bring hybrid network options to capital markets

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Telstra is to enhance its Telstra Octagon financial services solution through a collaboration with data centre giant, Equinix.


The partnership will see Telstra Octagon made available on Platform Equinix, expanding global access and direct connectivity between North America and eight of the world’s major futures and commodities exchanges.

It means enhanced network connectivity for organisations, as well as access to Equinix data centre, colocation and Equinix Fabric interconnection services adjacent to the exchanges.

“Our collaboration with Equinix allows capital markets and fintech companies to benefit from low-latency connectivity, which is critical in high-frequency trading environments where every millisecond can mean the difference between huge gains or losses,” said Nicholas Collins, president, Telstra, Americas. “Once they’re on Telstra Octagon, it’s easy to access additional network delivery services as needed, providing flexibility to expand and transform as situations change.”

The purpose-built Telstra Octagon allows organisations to access high-frequency trading environments faster between North America and Asia-Pacific, including the NASDAQ and CBOE exchanges in Equinix NY, CME and ICE, ASX in Australia, HKEX in Hong Kong, SGX in Singapore, TAIFEX in Taiwan, KRX in South Korea and JPX in Japan -- representing more than a trillion dollars in contracts traded daily, according to Telstra.

“Telstra Octagon integrates with the Equinix global services portfolio – including colocation, interconnection and digital services – enabling trading connectivity in close proximity to more than 1,250 companies in the Equinix financial ecosystem,” said Jules Johnston, SVP of global channels at Equinix.

“The ability to combine Telstra’s low-latency network technology with the global interconnect capabilities of Platform Equinix is powerful, and we look forward to Telstra Octagon customers reaping the benefits of our collaborative solutions.”

This collaboration allows Octagon users – including financial organisations, investors, trading firms and their customers – expanded trading capabilities, as well as broader support for their global network requirements through expanded connectivity, cloud and IP delivery options.

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