TIM Brasil and Intelsat extend 4G to underserved Brazil

TIM Brasil and Intelsat extend 4G to underserved Brazil

intelsat 40e satellite.jpg
Intelsat 40e satellite

TIM Brasil has extended its Sky Coverage project to take its 4G services to new locations – some of which are lacking in not only fibre, but electricity.

TIM launched Sky Coverage to cover districts, localities, highways, and resorts, also using satellite connection in remote areas. The project also expands connectivity for the agribusiness sector, especially for equipment and investments in Internet of Things technologies.

One of the objectives of the project, which currently has more than 1,000 sites, is to deliver connectivity "sustainably through off-grid sites to more distant areas of Brazil, where there is a deficit in electricity grid infrastructure".

Enabled by Intelsat, Tim Brasil said it has implemented the largest satellite network in Latin America.

Marco Di Costanzo, director of network engineering at TIM Brasil, said: “Today we have the largest satellite backhaul in Latin America to support us in the expansion of 4G from north to south of the country. We want to support Brazil in digital inclusion with the Sky Coverage project and for that, we have important partners, such as Intelsat, with whom we work especially in the northern region.”

Ricardo La Guardia, regional vice president of Intelsat, LATAM added: "Intelsat's network reliability and high coverage will allow TIM to provide even more quality services to customers in these regions of difficult access and connectivity, to meet the company's business goals and in compliance with its environmental, social and environmental initiatives and governance."

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