Globe and Lynk to launch direct-to-device satellite service in The Philippines

Globe and Lynk to launch direct-to-device satellite service in The Philippines

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Filipino telecom operator Globe has announced it will launch a direct-to-device satellite service in parts of rural Philippines, partnering with Lynk Global.

Globe will use Lynk's growing Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation to ultimately deliver SMS, IP messaging apps and emergency alerts to target regions currently lacking traditional terrestrial network coverage.

The collaboration begins this month with a live pilot trial launch anticipated by the end of the year but Globe hopes to expand the service to other remote locations with existing Globe enterprise clients and government installations, as well as tourist destinations with limited or unreliable cellular coverage.

“In line with our goal of empowering Filipinos through digital technology, we are looking for a solution to bring life-saving connectivity to as many Filipinos as possible. Through this satellite-direct-to-phone service, we hope to provide access wherever our customers are, connecting the unconnected through disruptive technology,” said Gerhard Tan, senior director and head of network strategy and innovations at Globe.

James Alderdice, VP, Asia-Pacific at Lynk added “as a country with over 7,641 islands, Lynk’s ability to provide mobile coverage for mobile customers directly from our network of LEO satellites helps connect more people in more places”.

As part of the collaboration, Globe also plans to evaluate service viability in maritime routes, disaster zones, fishing grounds and other areas that need improved connectivity through extended communication solutions.

The initiative will utilise standard handsets.

As part of the trial, Globe will collect data on customer behaviour to help design a commercially viable product that “aligns with the deployment dynamics of sat2phone communication”.

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