DataBank reveals Kansas City data centre expansion

DataBank reveals Kansas City data centre expansion

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DataBank has announced that its KC3 facility in Kansas City will expand its footprint and capabilities to meet growing demand.

The expansion of the facility will include 9,300 square feet in Data Hall 2 and 8,050 square feet in Data Hall 3.

Each hall will be filled with nominally 1MW of 2N redundant electrical infrastructure and HVAS equipment needed to cool the space.

"With the expansion of our KC3 facility, we will be building out Data Halls 2 and 3. The scope of the project includes adding 9,300 sq. ft. in Data Hall 2 and 8,050 sq. ft. in Data Hall 3 and adding an additional 2MW of capacity to the building," said Tony Qorri, vice president of construction for DataBank.

"Kansas City is a market where we have demand and we're looking to max out that facility by building out the other two data halls. This is a significant expansion that will triple the sellable white space across the footprint of the entire facility,” she added.

DataBank’s expansion of its Kansas City data centre comes fresh off the back of news from earlier this year that the company would expand its Pittsburgh facility.

DataBank adds that Kansas City is the ideal location for a data centre given its multiple diverse sources for local energy generation – including coal, nuclear and wind. The area offers reliable, low-cost energy to customers according to the company.

"DataBank has been a foundational business partner in the Kansas City tech community," said Tim Flynn, regional vice president of midwest sales for DataBank.

"This expansion demonstrates our commitment to the market and belief in its vitality today and in the future."

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