iBasis FraudLock blocks 191m fraud calls in six months

iBasis FraudLock blocks 191m fraud calls in six months

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iBasis has revealed that its FraudLock iQ360 solution has blocked 191 million "wangiri" fraud calls in H1 2021.

The company says this is the result of its major two-year portfolio expansion to enhance operators’ ability to fight wangiri/robocalling and other growing forms of fraud. 

In 2020, iBasis joined the RAG Wangiri Consortium – a global initiative that uses blockchain technology to share intelligence about “one ring” Wangiri fraud. 

“iBASIS’ FraudLock iQ360 enables us to increase traffic to global destinations while protecting that traffic when it goes to risky destinations,” said Thierry Nedellec, head of project, IT configuration RA & QOS wholesale carrier services at Bouygues Telecom.

iBasis said it has led the fight against fraud with its newly developed compliance protocol which combats robocalling in response to the STIR/SHAKEN ruling on the prevention of robocalling in the US. 

The company added that it is one of the first international carriers to pass the GLF Anti-Fraud Code of Conduct Attestation process and the company added that it is actively helping to fight fraud at the industry level. 

Its service has now integrated new architecture into the system which provides flexibility, with the option to be hosted on the cloud or the customer’s premises.

Rajesh Muru, principal analyst, Global Data said: “In our analysis of the current wholesale antifraud landscape, iBASIS has excelled with FraudLock iQ360’s advanced algorithms, 360-degree view to fully protect customers’ inbound and outbound traffic, and industry-first guaranteed SLA protection option.”

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