Nokia enhances converged charging for CSPs

Nokia enhances converged charging for CSPs

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Nokia is launching a charging configurator microservice for its existing Nokia Converged Charging (NCC) solution.

NCC is a cloud-native, code-free convergent charging solution, which was launched on AWS back in April. With its latest enhancements, CSPs will be able to manage service offers and move faster to market when configuring new 5G services, effectively facilitating real-time 5G monetisation

Hamdy Farid, SVP business applications, cloud and network services, Nokia, said: “With this enhancement to our Converged Charging solution, we are putting the power in the hands of the business to create and monetise new innovative services rapidly. Without the need for coding, CSPs have the needed flexibility to evolve their network and meet the needs of subscribers.”

In short the new functions mean CSPs can monetise any service that can be measured – from network slices to enterprise and consumer IoT offerings, which in turn unlocks new revenue streams for operators.

It already supports major CSPs around the world, who together manage services for more than one billion subscribers. Available from October, Nokia’s enhanced charging solution will be deployed to existing NCC customers, including Sunrise, Taiwan Star Telecom and several global tier one CSPs.

John Abraham, principal analyst, digital experience at Analysys Mason, said: “CSPs today need agile, configurable monetisation solutions that can evolve to address emerging business needs. Tools that reduce the need for coding in charging and pricing definition and help bypass IT by providing greater control to business users can help CSPs improve time to market and overall competitiveness. Nokia’s cloud native Charging Configurator accelerates CSPs ability to quickly and efficiently create new pricing plans and offers, which is a key requirement to effectively monetize new 5G services.”

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