Five things to watch September 24: BT and Oracle accelerate 5G rollout, say hey! to new Orange brand, China Mobile and CTM partner

Five things to watch September 24: BT and Oracle accelerate 5G rollout, say hey! to new Orange brand, China Mobile and CTM partner

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Capacity shares five key stories from around the world making headlines today.

BT and Oracle to accelerate delivery of 5G services in the UK 

BT has selected Oracle Communications to optimise its network resources and bring new 5G offerings to market faster.

This deal will enable BT to quickly test and implement 5G services – such as live streaming and zero-rated 5G content across its EE network.

Oracle’s Cloud Native Converged Policy Management will make it easier for network engineers to design, test and deploy new services across both 4G and 5G networks. 

BT said it had chosen Oracle for this initiative based on Oracle’s decades of network infrastructure and security expertise in multivendor networks. 

Howard Watson, chief technology officer at BT said: "As we move to this next evolution in networking, Oracle is helping us reduce complexity with solutions that ease the migration to 5G and provide the flexibility needed both to introduce innovative new services and also ensure we're offering our customers the right levels of service according to their needs." 

Orange Belgium launches digital brand ‘hey!’

Orange Belgium has launched its new 100% digital brand, ‘hey!’ which is designed to address its most digitally active customers.

The hey! offers can only be found via the website and its ‘My hey!’ customer zone is tailored for self-service only.

The company says it offers very competitive prices and a brand-new customer experience while

Orange also hopes it will be able to create a community to co-create future offers and share ideas for improving the service by providing community members with a site to discuss, get answers and contribute.

Christophe Dujardin, CCO of Orange Belgium said: "While Orange will focus on breadth of services and families, hey! will be more focused on individuals looking for aggressive prices. We really want to empower our customers, let them get what they need for the best possible price, but also engage with the brand and participate in its creation, its evolution."

China Mobile and CTM sign strategic cooperation framework agreement 

China Mobile has announced a strategic cooperation framework on digital content delivery with CTM.

The agreement will see the creation of a new framework for CMI and CTM to accelerate the development of CTM’s internet TV business. It also presents opportunities to tap into Macau’s consumer and household broadband markets. 

The agreement deepens the collaboration between the two companies by expanding their communications and digital content business. 

A CTM spokesperson said: “The new collaboration between CMI and CTM and the synergies created through the ‘OTT Converged Content Platform’ build upon the strategic partnership between CMI and CTM’s major shareholder – CITIC Telecom International.

“Signifying the unveiling of the new chapter in Macau’s OTT content and platform service development, this all-in-one cross-platform content service will bring an unprecedented experience to the people of Macau.”

Xilinx and NEC accelerate 5G radio units for global deployment

Xilinx and NEC Corporation are collaborating on NEC’s next-generation 5G radio units (RUs) which are expected to be available for global deployment in 2022. 

The latest NEC 5G massive MIMO RUs use digital beamforming for more efficient communication and wider bandwidth and will support a wide range of 5G frequencies including C-Band. 

Liam Madden, executive vice president and general manager at Xilinx said: "NEC’s new massive MIMO radios using Xilinx’s commercially-proven beamforming capabilities will enable an improved wireless end-user experience as use cases continue to grow and evolve in the future.”

Kenichi Ito, general manager, 1st Wireless Access Solutions Division at NEC added: “In the highly competitive 5G base station market, the integration of Xilinx technology within NEC RUs will provide valuable advantages to our customers who demand highly-capable and feature-rich RUs that deliver the performance needed to scale for nearly any application.”

Colt Technology deploys Ciena’s Blue Planet software

Colt Technology has revealed it has deployed software from Ciena’s Blue Planet software as it aims to transform the Network Assurance experience that it provides to its customers. 

By deploying the Blue Planet software, Colt’s IQ network can anticipate and potentially act upon network issues before they occur. This is thanks to AI capabilities integrated within Blue Planet Unified Assurance and Analytics. 

This announcement is part of a wider revitalisation of Colt’s Network Operations Centre as it aims to enhance the reliability of its network. 

Shane Sura, vice president of network operations at Colt said: “This is a key enabler in providing the fastest detection and resolution of network issues for exceptional customer service.”

Rick Hamilton, senior vice president at Blue Planet added: “With Blue Planet, Colt is creating a network that can adapt to support the next wave of connectivity demands while further reinforcing its goal of putting customers first.”



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