Telekom Austria selects vendors for 5G rollouts in Eastern Europe

Telekom Austria selects vendors for 5G rollouts in Eastern Europe

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A1 Telekom Austria Group has chosen Nokia and Ericsson to support the deployment of its 5G networks in Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.

Nokia is building the radio network in Bulgaria, and both the radio and packet core network in Serbia and Slovenia, while Ericsson is taking responsibility for rolling out the core network in Bulgaria, and the radio and core network in Croatia.

“By selecting the two network suppliers Nokia and Ericsson, who are already long-standing and reliable strategic partners for us, we took the decision to evolve our networks and services once more,” said Alexander Kuchar, director of group technology and future services at A1 Telekom Austria Group.

“We thereby again demonstrate our strong commitment to providing the best user experience in terms of communications and entertainment services on a high-class and secure infrastructure to our B2C and B2B customers. At the same time, we are taking a strong stand on virtualisation, automation and simplification of our network architecture.”

In spring 2019, Nokia had already been chosen to roll out the operator’s 5G radio and core network in Austria.

A1 Telekom Austria Group plans to cover all major populated places and main roads with the technology in its coverage areas within the next five years, improving its ability to offer innovative high-speed, low-latency services and autonomous devices to consumers and industry in both metropolitan and rural areas.



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