Windstream Wholesale connects ICON to Oregon CLS

Windstream Wholesale connects ICON to Oregon CLS

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Windstream Wholesale has connected its Intelligent Converged Optical Network (ICON) to the Hillsboro, Oregon, cable landing station (CLS).

The station counts more than 12 subsea cables terminating to the surrounding region and the expansion is part of Windstream's ongoing initiative to prove high-bandwidth WAN advantages, including low-latency transport to major data and international hubs across Miami, New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Jose.

“We are excited to bring our award-winning services to the Hillsboro cable landing station,” said Joe Scattareggia (pictured), executive vice president of Windstream Wholesale.

“Now, for the first time, customers have access alternatives to diverse, high-capacity connectivity into the Hillsboro ecosystem, and they recognise the value that Windstream Wholesale offers. We have already sold 50, 100-gigabit wave connections to multiple customers, including a large hyper-scaler and an international cloud/content provider, and we’re just getting started.”

From here Windstream can now provide diverse routes from both the Hillsboro and Portland markets to data centres across the US. It currently provides connectivity to data centres in Hillsboro operated by Digital Realty, Flexential, Stack, EdgeConneX and QTS.

“As Windstream continues to expand its reach to better serve its customers, we’re excited to partner with them as they deploy with us in Hillsboro – an important hub for connectivity and internet exchange linking the Pacific Northwest, Asia and beyond. This is the next step in our open interconnection roadmap to build the largest open fabric of fabrics in partnership with the industry,” said Tony Bishop, senior vice president of platform, growth and marketing at Digital Realty.

“The new fibre route provides additional network diversity for enterprises and service providers in Hillsboro and complements our plan to implement a data-centric architecture that supports the performance needed for customers to overcome data gravity challenges and scale digital business at key centres of data exchange,” Bishop added.

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