Canadian court to decide whether Meng can use HSBC documents

Canadian court to decide whether Meng can use HSBC documents

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Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou will hear today whether a Canadian court will allow evidence from HSBC in her fight to avoid extradition to the US.

The Supreme Court of British Columbia will rule whether her lawyers can present files from the Hong Kong branch of the bank that they believe support her case.

Meng (pictured), who was arrested in Vancouver in December 2018, is accused by the Americans of deceiving HSBC about the relationship between Huawei and a Hong Kong company, Skycom, that was being used as a front to export kit to Iran in defiance of a US embargo.

When the court meets on Friday morning Pacific time it is expected to announce whether her lawyers can use the HSBC files in their entirety or in part into the evidence in her defence against the extradition case. Meng fought a battle, starting in London and continuing in Hong Kong, to persuade HSBC to release its files on her, Skycom, Huawei and other related business. 

In a hearing at the end of June Meng’s lawyers were saying that the documents, understood to be more than 300 pages, “show that the US made selective, misleading and ‘outright false’ claims”, according to a report in the South China Morning Post, which is published in Hong Kong.

Meng’s lawyers say that the HSBC documents, which they argue should be admitted in evidence, show that the court should place no reliance on the US evidence.

Meanwhile in the US, a Texas court has been selecting a jury in a patent dispute between Huawei and Verizon.

Huawei alleges that Verizon infringed three of its patents on optical transport network systems, while Verizon claims that Huawei infringed two of its covering the same area. The case is expected to go on for a considerable time.