Seaborn deploys Infinera’s ICE6 Technology across its subsea network

Seaborn deploys Infinera’s ICE6 Technology across its subsea network

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Seaborn Networks (Seaborn) has selected Infinera’s ICE6 800G coherent technology for its subsea network.

Once deployed Infinera’s ICE6 solution will provide Seaborn with an architecture that can deliver 400GbE services, including the option for direct PoP-to-PoP transport.

In addition, using Infinera’s existing solutions, Seaborn has expanded its shared spectrum services in the Americas.

“Seaborn is delighted to be side by side with Infinera as our technology partner as we move the needle once again in-service delivery capabilities for the Americas,” said Paul Cannon (pictured), vice president of network development at Seaborn.

“With Infinera’s solutions, Seaborn can offer a fully integrated spectrum solution across our subsea networks, which is fundamental to delivering sustainable capacity solutions to our customers while also enabling our larger customers to benefit from end-to-end spectrum capabilities with the freedom to select hardware and platforms in their existing high-capacity PoP locations.”

“Once Infinera’s ICE6 technology is deployed on our network this summer, Seaborn will be positioned to deliver industry-leading 400GbE PoP-to-PoP services at distances over 10,000km.”

Seaborn operates two high-capacity open cable systems, Seabras-1 and AMX-1, with connections between Brazil and the US.

Thanks to Infinera’s subsea network solution, Seaborn can offer its customers granular, all-optical spectrum sharing services. This is enabled by the Smart Spectrum feature within Infinera’s Intelligent Power Management (IPM) solution, which allows Seaborn to offer multiple virtual fibre pairs to its customers.

This is turn enables customers to take advantage of open cable demarcation, while being protected from potential optical power instability caused by other tenants on the same fibre pair.

In addition, Infinera’s 800G solution will enable Seaborn to enhance its network to deliver maximum capacity at the longest reach and offer enhanced service flexibility, while reducing operating costs.

“Seaborn’s ongoing commitment to Infinera’s solutions underscores the value our technology delivers to network operators globally,” said Nick Walden, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Infinera.

“With Infinera’s ICE6 800G solution, Seaborn will continue to capitalise on the benefits of Infinera’s technology, providing its customers with access to cost-effective, high-performance, and high-capacity services.”

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