Caban Systems secures $35m in funding from Ember Infrastructure

Caban Systems secures $35m in funding from Ember Infrastructure

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Caban Systems (Caban), a provider of software-enabled energy storage and management systems for the telecoms industry, has secured investment from Ember Infrastructure (Ember).

Ember, a private equity firm supporting businesses that reduce carbon intensity, has agreed to a support package of $35 million for a number of Caban’s growth initiatives as well as Ember to provide incremental funding for Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) engagements.

The investment will help support Caban’s growth which includes plans to increase manufacturing capacity, scale its EaaS product offering, and accelerate the delivery of clean, distributed energy solutions to the global digital infrastructure sector.

EaaS solutions, in particular, are increasing in demand from mobile network operators who are looking to modernise their critical infrastructure and reduce operating expenses without upfront capital expenditure.

"We are pleased to partner with Ember to accelerate the delivery of our energy infrastructure solutions to customers," said Alexandra Rasch, founder & CEO of Caban Systems.

"Ember brings both capital and expertise to our partnership, enabling us to deliver on customer demand and continue our mission to facilitate access to intelligent, clean, and affordable connectivity for all."

As a provider of next-gen telecom energy solutions, Caban provides end-to-end turnkey infrastructure solutions that digitize and modernize site operations. Part of its portfolio includes a three-part solution including its long-life lithium-ion storage and energy management hardware, cloud-based remote monitoring software, and a fully integrated EaaS offering.

"Alexandra and the Caban team have developed a highly competitive value proposition for their customers in the telecom industry, in turn benefiting end-users and communities through enhanced connectivity and reliability as well as by enabling expanded use of renewable energy," said Elena Savostianova, founder & managing partner of Ember Infrastructure.

"We are excited to partner with such an impressive team and look forward to growing this innovative and critical business together."

Rasch, winner of the 2020 Rising Star awards at the Global Women in Telco & Tech Awards, was featured in the April/May issue of Capacity Magazine.

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