Laser Light signs up EdgeMicro for satellite and fibre SDN

Laser Light signs up EdgeMicro for satellite and fibre SDN

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Colocation company EdgeMicro is to ally itself with Laser Light Communications, a project to connect hyperscale data centres with a software-defined mixture of fibre and laser-based satellites.

The two will develop, market, sell and deliver complementary products and services to customers across the world, they said.

Vicki Warker (pictured), chief commercial officer for Laser Light, said: “The alliance with EdgeMicro allows us to converge complementary and equivalent capabilities to scale and deliver a modern, next-generation architecture faster than we could do on our own. The process better helps our customers capitalize on the digital opportunities for their business.”

The aim is to “serve customers in similar ecosystems that have significant and unique workloads, and large data pool distribution, management and location requirements”, said EdgeMicro’s VP for revenue, Jason Bourg.

“The alliance creates a meet-me-hub for networking on-ramps and traffic offloads to support the heightened requirements from 5G, IoT and emerging applications.”

Warker told Capacity last month that Laser Light is close to finalising the finance its software-defined network (SDN), that will build a global network out of established terrestrial and subsea infrastructure.

But Laser Light also plans to order a fleet of 12 medium Earth orbit (MEO) satellites from Thales that will be part of the same SDN, Warker told us.

Laser Light announced a pact with Equinix five years ago. Capacity has asked the company whether the EdgeMicro agreement is additional to that or whether it replaces it.

EdgeMicro noted that it builds and operates hundreds of modular data centres around the world to provide powered colocation, cross-connects, and other related products and services.



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