SES extends service agreement with Comcast Technology Solutions

SES extends service agreement with Comcast Technology Solutions

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SES is to continue delivering Comcast Technology Solutions’ Managed Satellite Distribution service, formerly known as Headend in the Sky (HITS).

The service reaches hundreds of multichannel video programming distributor systems across the US.

As part of the new, multi-year extension SES will transition CTS’s Managed Satellite Distribution service from SES-11 at 105 degrees West to AMC-11 at 131 degrees West.

The transition is part of SES’s plan to clear the C-band spectrum in the US to accommodate the deployment of 5G services in the coming years. Augmenting this, SES will also launch new C-band satellites to provide continuity of service well into the future for CTS and its affiliates.

“SES has been integral in providing continuity of service to our Managed Satellite Distribution customers in the midst of great change," said Allison Olien, VP and GM of communications and technology provider suite for CTS.

"The current transition of satellite services in order to free up C-band spectrum represents a huge change for us and our partners. SES has been collaborative and hands-on, participating in webinars and outreach efforts to maximise response time for businesses, solve for problems before they occur, and provide clear transition paths for every impacted operation,” said Allison Olien, Vice President and General Manager, Communications and Technology Provider Suite for Comcast Technology Solutions," Olien continued.

Steve Collar, CEO of SES said: “Our focus throughout the C-band clearing process has been to support our customers in delivering state-of-the-art services while freeing up spectrum for the US market. We are using the best technologies, processes and people to do this, and our partnership with CTS is a great testament to that."




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