Windstream Wholesale adds international connectivity with Telxius

Windstream Wholesale adds international connectivity with Telxius

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Windstream Wholesale has connected its core network to the Telxius cable landing station in Boca Raton, Florida.

The Boca Raton cable landing station is the terminal station for the South America-1 (SAm-1) cable system owned by Telxius. Windstream Wholesale has existing connections to Telxius’ landing stations in Jacksonville, Florida, and in Virginia Beach, the landing point of the Dunant and Marea subsea cable systems.

“We are excited to expand our highly successful partnership with Telxius,” said Joe Scattareggia (pictured), executive vice president of Windstream Wholesale.

“Our collaboration with Telxius is providing customers with ultra-high capacity connectivity and diversity options coast to coast to major peering locations throughout the US, Latin America and beyond.”

Spanning 25,000km in length, SAm-1 is a subsea fibre-optic cable ring surrounding Latin America, and it is the fifth longest global subsea cable system.

It has branch unit extensions to Ecuador, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic, in addition to the trans-Andean and trans-Guatemalan terrestrial backbones. It also interconnects the American coasts of the Caribbean, the Atlantic and the Pacific.

“We are proud to be extending our collaboration with Windstream Wholesale with the addition of Boca Raton to their network, which is already connecting our landing stations of Jacksonville and Virginia Beach to all international hubs in the US like Miami, Richmond and Ashburn,” said Enrique Valdés, sales vice president of the northern region, Telxius Cable.

The partnership enhances both domestic and international connectivity options for Windstream Wholesale customers. Domestically, Windstream delivers high-bandwidth WAN services including low-latency transport to major data and international hubs across including in Miami, New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Jose.

In related news, last month unveiled its new Tannat subsea cable, connecting Santos in Brazil to Las Toninas in Argentina.

The new 2,000km system joins Telxius’ Brusa and Junior cables on the Atlantic coast of Latin America adding to the diverse end-to-end connectivity on offer between the US, Brazil and Argentina.

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