Aqua Comms, Telia Carrier and Ciena complete 400GbE cross-network trial

Aqua Comms, Telia Carrier and Ciena complete 400GbE cross-network trial

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Aqua Comms and Telia Carrier have successfully completed a trial with Ciena to offer 400GbE commercial services between New York and Frankfurt.

“The trial is an exciting new initiative for Aqua Comms and Telia Carrier as we continue to respond to the growing demand for critical infrastructure services,” said Chris Bayly, chief commercial officer at Aqua Comms.

“The alliance with Telia Carrier and Ciena allows us to deliver a truly innovative solution that we believe will deliver efficiencies to our carrier, cloud and content clients as they strive to support the hyper growth traffic between the US and Europe.”

The trial follows the announcement in March that Aqua Comms upgraded its two trans-Atlantic subsea cables with Ciena’s GeoMesh Extreme submarine network solution, powered by WaveLogic 5 Extreme coherent optical technology.

“Staying ahead of our customers' ever-increasing connectivity needs is paramount for us,” Ivo Pascucci, vice president of sales at Telia Carrier.

“This 400G pan-continental trial on a production network is all about ensuring the flexibility at all layers of the network, and especially in the underlying high-capacity transport infrastructure required for delivering the best high-performance connectivity for our customers in the US and Europe and for their end-users.”

For the trial Aqua Comms provided the trans-Atlantic capacity and 400GbE service from New York to London, while Telia Carrier provided the ongoing terrestrial service from London to Frankfurt.

Through the trial they demonstrated that their traffic can be passed on seamlessly across their respective transmission networks, using Telia Carrier’s IP Backbone (AS1299) with active 400G interfaces routing on both continents.

“The race to 400G is on, and Telia Carrier and Aqua Comms continue trailblazing a path in the subsea market by evolving their networks to support the explosive traffic growth and high-bandwidth services driven by the cloud and video streaming,” said Ian Clarke, vice president of global submarine solutions at Ciena.

“With WaveLogic 5 Extreme, Aqua Comms and Telia Carrier offer new 400GbE services to customers over the critical transatlantic route between New York and Frankfurt.”

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