EdgeConneX expands data centres across six US cities

EdgeConneX expands data centres across six US cities


EdgeConneX is adding an extra 20MW of capacity across six of its US data centre markets to help address demand from customers, and is promising to up capacity in other areas too.

Initially, EdgeConneX will add around 20MW of new capacity across its existing sites in the Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Miami, Detroit and Chicago markets.

The expansions will allow major service providers around the world to scale their local cloud, content, network and other offerings in these markets, said EdgeConneX, “empowering them to meet the growing need for distributed capacity that is highly proximate to their end users”.

The company also says it has capacity expansions planned for additional markets “throughout the US”.

Phillip Marangella, chief marketing officer at EdgeConneX, said: “Our strategy of listening to our customers to provide tailored solutions for them that span hyper-local to hyperscale data centres is what makes us unique.

“These planned expansions, necessitated by the growing volume, variety and velocity of data our customers are driving, highlight the accelerating need for digital infrastructure and capacity to best support them.”

The company operates over 50 facilities located in around 35 global markets. EdgeConneX recently broke ground on a new 8MW and 82,000 sq ft edge data centre near Barcelona, to help address the cloud service and colocation needs of local firms.

Global network services provider Hurricane Electric announced this month that it had added 13 points-of-presence across the EdgeConneX data centre footprint, to lower latency and improve operations for businesses.

The new PoPs in Europe and North America are located in Munich, Warsaw, Toronto, Phoenix, Santa Clara, Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, Portland, Nashville, Salt Lake City and Seattle.

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