Neterra expands DIA service to 180+ countries

Neterra expands DIA service to 180+ countries

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Sofia, Bulgaria – 21st April 2021: Neterra, the independent global leaders in layer 1, 2 and 3 connectivity solutions, DDoS protection, and data centre & network services, has today launched its expanded Dedicated Internet Access service - a fully-committed and naturally more secure form of global connectivity to more than 180 countries.

Neterra’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) connection provides a more reliable level of Internet connectivity than a standard broadband service; with DIA, a business doesn’t need to share or compete with other users for available bandwidth from their Internet Service Provider (ISP) – their pathway to the Internet is fully dedicated and guaranteed.

DIA enables its users to have more control over their connectivity; businesses can enjoy symmetrical capacity and benefit from upload speeds that are just as fast as download speeds no matter the time of day, and because the connection is dedicated, it’s more secure as no one else can disturb your services. Furthermore, the DIA service will be monitored via the Neterra online monitoring system (NOMS) to enable a real-time overview to check service utilisation and proactively track service availability.

“Broadening our DIA availability is not only an exciting move for Neterra, but it also proves how committed we are to keep on investing in our network for our customer’s benefit,” commented Neven Dilkov, Founder and CEO at Neterra. “Growing our DIA service and adding more countries to this solution will enable our customers to deploy a dedicated Internet connection which is always theirs, always private, always available and always on, simplifying their telecoms solution.”

This significant investment by Neterra in its service portfolio shows commitment to meeting the global demands of connectivity. Growing its DIA location portfolio highlights Neterra’s own ability in agility and quick response to major market trends and this investment ensures Neterra is well-positioned to meet this new demand on a global scale.

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About Neterra

Neterra is an independent global telecom service provider. It partners with the world's largest companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Neterra has been providing international connectivity, data centre, managed network services, and security services for over 25 years. Neterra owns and operates its own backbone global network with points of presence in over 20 countries.

Neterra's portfolio of service includes:

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