Verizon 5G Business Internet extended to 21 US cities

Verizon 5G Business Internet extended to 21 US cities

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Verizon Business today confirms the expansion of its 5G Business Internet to 21 new US cities as of April 2021.

The new locations include parts of Anaheim, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City (MO), Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, St. Louis, and St. Paul, and Riverside-Corona, California due to go live on 22 April.

“As 5G Business Internet scales into new cities, businesses of all sizes can gain access to the superfast speeds, low latency and next-gen applications enabled by 5G Ultra Wideband, with no throttling or data limits," said Tami Erwin (pictured), CEO of Verizon Business.

"We’ll continue to expand the 5G Business Internet footprint and bring the competitive pricing, capability, and flexibility of our full suite of products and services to more and more businesses all over the country.”

5G Business Internet uses Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband technology underpin the businesses it supports, this includes point of sales systems to employee productivity devices, as well as professional installation.

In addition, 100, 200, and 400Mbps plans are available for large Enterprise and Small & Medium Business customers and wherever 5G Business Internet is not yet available, Verizon offers LTE Business Internet.

According the findings of a Verizon Business survey in partnership with Morning Consult, seven out of 10 decision-makers (69%) believe 5G will help their company overcome the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly half (48%) said their companies have already provided or are planning to provide a 5G-capable smartphone or device to employees within the next six months, and approximately eight in 10 agree that 5G will create new opportunities for their company (80%), their industry (79%), and their role (79%).

Last month, Verizon shared its D&I findings from the Morning Consult survey, which found that women are exiting the workforce as a result of burnout due to the Covid-19 pandemic and having to manage additional home-life responsibilities.

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