Telesat joins MEF, enhancing Telesat Lightspeed

Telesat joins MEF, enhancing Telesat Lightspeed

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Satellite operator Telesat, has joined MEF, a global federation of network, cloud, and technology providers, to empower enterprise digital transformation.

The news aligns with Telesat’s work in building the advanced features that enterprise customers, telecom operators and service providers require, and by joining MEF, will enable members to integrate with the Telesat Lightspeed network to enhance their network coverage and performance.

“A membership in MEF offers an opportunity to engage in business-driven collaboration with leading global organisations,” said Nan Chen, president at MEF.

“Together, we enable dynamic, trusted, and certified services that empower enterprises to embrace their own digital transformation and grow their business. We welcome Telesat as the newest addition to our growing, vibrant community of MEF members who are working to progress our MEF 3.0 Global Services Framework.”

Specifically, through MEF Telesat Lightspeed services will become certified, ensuring that they comply with rigorous certification standards established by MEF.

With MEF’s 3.0 Underlay Connectivity Service standards, simplifies capabilities provided by Telesat Lightspeed and how these software-defined digital services can be procured and integrated into their networks.

By designing Telesat Lightspeed to MEF standards, customers can take advantage of ubiquitous, high capacity and low latency connectivity, without the complexities inherent in integrating traditional satellite-based solutions.

In addition, Telesat will participate in MEF work committees and incorporate the latest standards into the Telesat Lightspeed implementation. 

“We are eager to engage with the MEF community to address the industry’s business challenges and digital transformation,” said Erwin Hudson (pictured), vice president of LEO at Telesat.

“Telesat Lightspeed was developed with the enterprise needs of MEF members in mind, and through our involvement and partnership we can be sure that we continue to enhance our network while supporting the telecom industry.”

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