Equinix launches Time as a Service edge capability

Equinix launches Time as a Service edge capability

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Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) has announced the launch of Equinix Precision Time, a Time as a Service capability delivered over Equinix Fabric.

The edge service capability is offered globally as an edge service on Platform Equinix and will be used by digital leaders to deploy Time as a Service to run applications at the edge.

Equinix Precision Time is currently available with Equinix Fabric within Equinix International Business Exchange data centres located in global markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

“Time and time services are ubiquitous and more valuable today than many business leaders realise,” said Brad Casemore, Vice President, Data Center Networks, IDC.

“Nonetheless, existing approaches to procuring, provisioning, and managing time-based infrastructure can entail considerable cost and complexity. As application environments and business needs evolve, those challenges are likely to grow, especially in relation to the security risks and vulnerabilities of using internet-based time resources.

“With the launch of Equinix Precision Time, Equinix is further extending its capabilities to help meet the time-related needs of enterprise customers, many of which already use the global Equinix Fabric and will welcome the introduction of this new service.”


As enterprises today digitally transform, the need for precise and secure time synchronization of their network infrastructure is critical, according to Equinix.

For many global businesses, Time as a Service is essential for meeting compliance requirements and maintaining precise time synchronization across the network to support the operations of their digital infrastructure.

“With the launch of Equinix Precision Time, we’re continuing to evolve Platform Equinix with an industry-first, Time as a Service offering that echoes the consistent promise of accuracy, security, reliability and rapid provisioning that our customers have come to expect from Equinix,” said Bill Long, Senior Vice President, Core Product Management, Equinix.

“For global businesses that require highly accurate time services to run critical applications, Equinix Precision Time delivered over Equinix Fabric is essential for synchronizing time across servers in a matter of minutes and helping digital leaders gain a competitive advantage by tapping into the full value of our platform.”

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