CyrusOne reveals second net-positive water data centre in Texas

CyrusOne reveals second net-positive water data centre in Texas


CyrusOne Inc. (NASDAQ: CONE) unveils its second net-positive water data centre campus at the company’s Carrollton, Texas location.

The Carrollton campus is the company’s second-largest data centre in the United States and is located in a region listed as high-water stress by the World Resources Institute.

“Data centres across the world are becoming more aware of the significant water usage at these facilities,” said Kyle Myers, Senior Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability at CyrusOne.

“This is a milestone moment for CyrusOne to further our sustainability goals and forge a path to a greener future.”

The company said there were two key elements of the net water positive efforts at Carrollton. One was the water efficiency projects completed at the site that reduced onsite water consumption by 67% over the last year.

The other was a collaboration with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and Trout Unlimited to restore to regional watersheds with 20% more water than CyrusOne used in 2020.

“Addressing water scarcity will require us to not only reduce consumptive water use but also restore water to nature,” said Val Fishman, Chief Development Officer at BEF.

“We’re excited to have CyrusOne on board as a leader and partner helping to keep water in Texas rivers during times of water stress.

“Through Water Restoration Credits, CyrusOne is supporting innovative projects that help farmers, agencies, and water managers restore water flows to the region.”

The company added that this project exemplifies CyrusOne’s commitment to not minimise impacts to the local environment and communities, but to contribute benefits.

“The Carrollton project is the next step toward our pledge to become net water positive in high water stress regions across the company’s global data centre portfolio,” said CyrusOne in a written release.

“This is in addition to our announcement earlier this year that the facility will begin incorporating renewable energy in 2021, in support of our Zero Carbon by 2040 target.”

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