Nokia lands five-year C-band contract with AT&T

Nokia lands five-year C-band contract with AT&T

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Nokia has signed a five-year deal with AT&T to deploy the operator’s C-Band network in parts of the US.

While the value of the deal was not disclosed, Nokia said AT&T will be able to "better provide cutting-edge 5G services with the right mix of coverage and capacity".

The first phase of the C-Band auction opened up 280 MHz of spectrum with 100 MHz of spectrum available for 5G deployments by the end of this year. Nokia’s C-Band portfolio includes support for both 5G standalone (SA) networks and non-standalone (NSA) networks, cloud-based implementations and Open RAN products, providing AT&T with flexibility for its 5G deployment.

Nokia’s C-Band RAN technology will interwork with existing Nokia LTE RAN equipment deployed by AT&T.

Igal Elbaz (pictured), SVP of wireless and access technology at AT&T said: “AT&T is committed to bringing the power of 5G to businesses and communities across the nation, and our C-Band deployments with Nokia will help add 5G capacity where it’s needed. Nokia has been our trusted collaborator for more than 20 years as we’ve rolled out each generation of wireless technology, and its C-Band portfolio brings the right capabilities to help enable AT&T to deliver an exciting and powerful 5G experience that our subscribers have come to expect from us.”

Ed Cholerton, president of Nokia North America, added: “Nokia is ready to support the launch of 5G services into this valuable new spectrum on our customers’ timelines by leveraging our powerful portfolio of C-Band solutions and by being the first to demonstrate a live C-Band network in the U.S. in 2020. Our flexible and comprehensive portfolio will enable AT&T to enhance its 5G services in areas across the nation.”


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