Syntropy welcomes executives from tech giants to advisory board

Syntropy welcomes executives from tech giants to advisory board

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Internet infrastructure company Syntropy has announced that Shawn Hakl, former SVP at Verizon, and Roman Pacewicz, former Chief Product Officer at AT&T, have joined the webtech company’s advisory board.

The company said the executive team expansion is to help Syntropy scale the next generation of the Internet.

Syntropy has built a new internet layer on top of existing networks -- an overlay where encryption, fault tolerance, and optimised performance is automatically enabled.

Its technology is compatible with the current public internet, which has been used to improve the performance of Minecraft servers and establish optimised blockchain infrastructure.

Stacy Shulman, Vice President at Intel said, “Syntropy shouldn’t just be a private secret for savvy developers, but a big part of how programmable network as a service is deployed at hyperscale by all the big players - and Shawn and Roman are just the people to help drive that scale.”

Started by a co-founder of Equinix and alums of companies such as JP Morgan, Syntropy has been privately backed by investors spanning current and former executives at Fortune 500 companies, financial innovators, and early-stage blockchain investors.

Syntropy has already formalised relationships with tech giants like Cisco and is in pilot projects with many others.

With their extensive experience at Microsoft, AT&T, and Verizon, advisory board members Hakl and Pacewicz will help drive strategy and build relationships for the growing company.

Shawn Hakl has experience in the technology and telecom industries that are central to Syntropy’s business goals. Independent from his role at Syntropy, he currently serves as a partner at Microsoft, overseeing the development of Microsoft's Azure for Operators strategy.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Hakl worked at Verizon for nearly 20 years, concluding his tenure as a Senior Vice President, Business Products, responsible for wireless and wireline products.

“Syntropy has developed a transformative technology with the potential to fundamentally change the way data moves across public networks, and few teams have the skill and imagination to think this big,” said Hakl.

“They have made remarkable advancements in addressing the critical challenges of security and latency that weigh upon developers, with tremendous potential to revolutionize our infrastructure and turbocharge innovation across a breadth of applications, from enterprise networking and 5G deployment to totally new use cases in IoT and edge computing.”

Roman Pacewicz is a senior executive with knowledge and experience across the industry.  He was formerly the Chief Product Officer at AT&T, where he was responsible for AT&T’s business product portfolios.

Over the years, he launched and scaled various products across mobility, IoT, Security, Edge Networking and Cloud.

“Syntropy is leading the creation of an intelligent, scalable and secure internet, which enables developers to interconnect devices, applications and distributed cloud environments via standard set of web based tools,” said Pacewicz.

“The company evolves networking through the use of next generation technologies. Syntropy’s programmable internet solves the security and performance challenges that businesses face every day.

“The company is executing on a vision where almost everything is interconnected with a secure, programmable, performance optimized internet.”

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