New exec line-up at Liberty Latin America

New exec line-up at Liberty Latin America

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Liberty Latin America has reorganised its executive team, removing the role of COO from the company structure and adding two new executive team positions.

This has created a direct line of report between CEO Balan Nair (pictured) and the business leaders for Cable & Wireless, VTR, and Liberty Puerto Rico.

Former COO Betzalel Kenigsztein, has been appointed the executive director and GM of Cable & Wireless Panama, replacing Julio Spiegel.

Explaining the moves, Nair said: “Last year, we learned so much about ourselves and our business, and we have been evaluating how we operate, how we are structured, how we delight our customers, and how we continue to evolve in a changing environment. Our new structure will bring an even greater focus on our customers, provide fresh perspectives in different areas of the business, and importantly, give our leaders the opportunity for growth.”

He continued: “Our customers are the foundation of our business, and we must work hard to continuously improve their experience, their journey, and enhance the value they receive. To that end, we are recruiting a Chief Customer Officer who will align our customer focused initiatives across the organization and lead our existing Digital, Customer Care, and Programming teams.”

The two new executive roles are SVP, South-Central Markets and a chief customer officer.

Guillermo Ponce has been appointed to the SVP role, covering the Panama and Costa Rica markets and taking responsibility for closing the acquisition of Telefonica’s operations in Costa Rica.

Previously CEO of VTR, Ponce holds more than 25 years of experience and has also been tasked with "returning Cable & Wireless Panama to growth".

Vivek Khemka, previously CTO, will relocate from Denver, USA, to Santiago, Chile, to take up the role of GM of VTR. Vivek joined Liberty Latin America in 2018 bringing years of experience across infrastructure build, technology, marketing, operations, and consulting.

Liberty Latin America is now looking to recruit a new CTO, with CIO Christine Weber holding the position in the interim.


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