Alaska Communications delivers 1Gbps through Xtreme Internet

Alaska Communications delivers 1Gbps through Xtreme Internet

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Alaska Communications has announced the launch of Xtreme Internet bringing its fastest ever broadband speeds to Alaskans.

Starting this spring, Alaska Communications will offer up to 1Gbps speeds to select residential locations.

“We’re investing in our network to meet the needs of Alaskans,” said Bill Bishop, president and CEO of Alaska Communications.

“We’re bringing more speed, more reliability and more choices, all at a great, low price. Xtreme Internet will allow us to expand our broadband service to more locations in urban areas, giving customers choices in service providers.”

Xtreme Internet leverages 60Ghz mesh fixed wireless using Facebook Connectivity's Terragraph technology, which has the ability to deliver fibre-like speeds in urban environments.

“This technology allows us to deliver service to neighbourhoods more quickly, while providing the reliability and speed consumers need,” added Bishop.

This new service will be available in the Fairbanks area this spring as well as other select neighbourhoods in Anchorage and Fairbanks later this year.

The news forms part of larger strategy from the company and in 2021 Alaska Communications plans to upgrade approximately one third of its network through Xtreme Internet and other technologies, reaching 42,000 new and existing customers with new or improved service.

In related news, earlier this month, Alaska Communications expanded its broadband service to more than 3,700 locations in underserved areas of Alaska in 2020.

The news comes in a year where access to internet connectivity became critical for its citizens, many of whom are now working and learning from home.

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