Machine learning tool developed for tower site selection

Machine learning tool developed for tower site selection

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Telcos and towercos looking for a build site in the US now have a new tool at their fingertips.

Aurora Insight has launched TowerLogix, essentially a data-based platform that promises to help infrastructure companies and tower owners identify and secure high-priority tower build zones, that could maximize ROI and compete more effectively. 

TowerLogix analyses RF spectrum usage and wireless networks, as well as data from global geographies that are otherwise difficult to reach or difficult to find data about.  

Aurora Insight said its autonomous sensors are continuously collecting data around the US, giving it access to valuable insights on different wireless technologies, including 5G, IoT, Wifi, and emerging frequency bands such as C-band, CBRS and mmWave.


Sites are determined through a combination of machine learning metrics, with seven specific considerations.

“TowerLogix is the industry’s most advanced method for infrastructure companies to use when evaluating growth opportunities and infrastructure investments,” said Jennifer Alvarez, co-founder and CEO, Aurora Insight.

“The power behind identifying high-priority tower build zones is the depth of our data, culled from seven different metrics to identify these locations and help tower and infrastructure companies invest with confidence.”

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