Huawei ‘was ready to fly arrested CFO home’ in May, court hears

Huawei ‘was ready to fly arrested CFO home’ in May, court hears

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Huawei was so confident in May 2020 that Canada would release its CFO, Meng Wanzhou, after a court hearing that the company chartered a Boeing 777 to take her home.

But eight months later — and 25 months after Meng was arrested at Vancouver airport — she is still under house arrest.

A bail hearing in Vancouver on Friday was told China Southern Airlines was ready to take back after a court decision.

Last week’s court session was hearing an appeal by Meng (pictured) over her bail conditions. The US has asked her to be extradited to face trial on allegations that she was involved in deceiving a bank over plans to export equipment to Iran, contrary to a US embargo.

The judge, William Ehrcke, in last week’s case will give his decision on 29 January, according to weekend reports from the west coast of Canada.

Meng, who is daughter of Huawei’s founder, Ren  Zhengfei, has been under house arrest in Vancouver since the moment in December 2018 that she landed there on a flight from Hong Kong. Canadian police were acting on a warrant from the US authorities.

The extradition case itself is expected to finish in May 2021 — unless there is a resolution before then with the new US presidential administration. Joe Biden becomes president on Wednesday 20 January.


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