5 things to know for November 13: NTT DATA and Continual deliver mobility solutions in Europe, Orange Business coverage bundled by Cavli Wireless

5 things to know for November 13: NTT DATA and Continual deliver mobility solutions in Europe, Orange Business coverage bundled by Cavli Wireless

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Here are the five things you need to know this morning, November 13, 2020, from around the world.

SonicWall expands boundless cybersecurity with low-TCO firewalls

SonicWall has expanded its Capture Cloud platform with the addition of the NSa 2700 firewall and three new TZ firewall options.

The company has also introduced SonicWall Cloud Edge Secure Access to deliver “easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use zero-trust security” for organisations decentralised due to WFH orders.

“As emerging technologies mature, it’s imperative that companies make the necessary investments to ensure they are prepared for what is to come while making it seamless to the operation of their organisations,” said SonicWall president and CEO Bill Conner.

“As remote users require more and more devices, the reliance upon IoT continues to rise and extended distributed networks are challenged with evolving security and connectivity measures, we look to provide tailored options to address growing needs.”

Swisscom contracts EKINOPS to deliver enterprise connectivity first

EKINOPS is to deliver a new virtualised network solution for Swisscom on universal customer premises equipment (uCPE).

Part of the Compose software portfolio, the news will make Swisscom the first in Switzerland to offer an agile branch connectivity solution to enterprise customers, based on virtualisation technology, without disrupting existing services.

The solution is comprised of the Ekinops fully open NFV infrastructure, OneOS6-LIM middleware, allowing access to an extensive catalogue of certified VNFs. This gives Swisscom the flexibility to select any white-box CPE hardware and choose from a range of third-party and Ekinops VNFs, as well as freeing them from vendor lock-in and simplifying supplier management.

“We have been really impressed with Ekinops’ expertise and innovation in branch office connectivity and look forward to delivering this truly open and simple-to-deploy solution,” said Reto Baschera, SVP marketing B2B at Swisscom.

“The agility and close support we’ve experienced with Ekinops has streamlined our migration towards an SDN model, allowing us to futureproof our network and expand our service offering.”

NTT DATA and Continual deliver mobility solutions in Europe

European commuters will soon have access to better mobile broadband connectivity along travel routes following a new partnership between NTT DATA and Continual.

Under the partnership, NTT DATA will integrate Continual’s Mobility Experience Analytics solution into the carrier’s OSS environment, and provide support and consulting services as part of the contract. The cloud-enabled offering, with embedded AI and machine learning algorithms, is designed to help mobile operators reconfigure existing infrastructure to establish high-quality network experience for users along roads and railways. 

“We are very pleased to be working together with Continual to jointly apply technology innovation and enhance the business success of our mobile operator customers,” said Roei Haberman, SVP sales transformation and head of TMT at NTT DATA UK.

“Continual’s AI-based solutions are already at the heart of the operators’ digital initiatives, which is critical to their success, and we are looking forward to a mutually profitable partnership.”

Improving mobile broadband connectivity along travel routes has become a major priority for network operators as a growing number of cars have cellular-enabled features. With the accelerating roll-out of 5G, connected cars are set to be a major growth area for the automotive industry in the coming years.

Projections suggest that automotive connections worldwide will increase to 831 million by 2027 and account for more than 20% of all IoT connections.

Palo Alto Networks simplifies data loss prevention

Palo Alto Networks has introduced a cloud-delivered enterprise data loss prevention service it said will “reimagine” data security.

The solution is designed to help protect sensitive data “at rest and in motion” across every network, cloud and user access.

Further it can address what Palo Alto Networks said are three major enterprise data security problems: specifically, the solution can automatically identify confidential intellectual property and personally identifiable information consistently throughout the entire enterprise, and it facilitates regulatory compliance by helping enterprises meet data security requirements for the GDPR and other regulatory standards.

“Data breaches are a huge and growing problem worldwide, but the existing legacy and point solutions are not accessible, appropriate or effective for many of the companies that need them,” said Anand Oswal, SVP and GM, firewall as a platform, Palo Alto Networks.

“Our new Enterprise DLP solution is powerful; simple to deploy, with no new infrastructure needed; integrates with existing security technologies; and works for companies whether they keep their data in the cloud, on-prem or take a flexible approach.”

Orange LTE-M coverage bundled for enterprise by Cavli Wireless

Cavli Wireless, a cellular IoT module manufacturer, is bundling IoT modules with LTE-M connectivity from Orange Business Services to provide the “building blocks of the IoT value chain” to its enterprise customers worldwide.

Released on a subscription basis to ease capex woes, Cavli said its bundled Hubble99 offer paves the way for new innovations in smart city projects, healthcare, mobility, asset tracking and industry 4.0 applications, such as critical asset monitoring and fleet management.

“IoT can finally achieve true mobility with LTE-M. Devices can move unrestricted over a wide range, opening up new application opportunities that would otherwise be impossible using 3G or 4G. LTE-M is the best low power solution for tracking applications, and Orange has been a pioneer in LTE-M across Europe along with the best reach through roaming coverage,” said John Mathew, chief technology architect, Cavli Wireless.

Among the first LTE-M-based products developed by Cavli’s customers is a smart watch for industrial workers to broadcast vital announcements and maintain health and safety logs. The range of the Orange LTE-M network also allows Cavli to explore other applications in the fields of real-time asset tracking, smart cars, and bikes. Cavli’s LTE-M-based modules – C42QM and C42GM, enable connected devices to run in any location, including underground in a garage or a tunnel.









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