Bluebird Network partners Kansas City Internet Exchange for first IX

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Bluebird Network confirms the launch of Springfield Internet Exchange (SpringIX) located in Springfield, Missouri.

Bluebird Network confirms the launch of Springfield Internet Exchange (SpringIX) located in Springfield, Missouri.

Hosted in the Bluebird Underground Data Center, the new IX allows Bluebird customers to cross connect to one another, share traffic and meet growing digital demands.

“There are many advantages to being part of an internet exchange,” said Aaron Wendel, executive director of the Kansas City Internet Exchange (KCiX).

“Peers share traffic, reducing latency and reducing their usage of bandwidth by offloading traffic locally. It’s really a great way to make internet services stronger in a given metro area.”

As Internet exchanges allow networks to interconnect directly rather than through one or more third party networks.

customers make additional cost savings as all traffic passing through SpringIX is not subject to additional expenses, whereas traffic to an Internet Service Provider’s upstream provider incurs a charge

“Members of this internet exchange will have free access to content from other members of the SpringIX as well as the KCiX customers in Kansas City,” adds Wendel.

“It’s quite an opportunity to connect to and share those kinds of eyeballs with your network.”

In addition, direct interconnection saves businesses money and supports route optimisation for greater traffic efficiency while virtually extending the business network beyond its current footprint.

“After finishing our 61-mile expansion in Springfield earlier this year, we have a strong presence in the Ozarks and are dedicated to serving as a partner to organisations in the region,” added Michael Morey, president and CEO of Bluebird Networks.

“There are numerous companies in the region that will really benefit from a service like this, and we are proud to support them by hosting this internet exchange.”

In August, Bluebird Network commenced one of the single largest fibre buildouts and densification projects in Columbia's history, by strengthening its fibre backbone.

The project, launched in Columbia, Missouri, will add approximately 60 miles of fibre to the company’s existing infrastructure within the city, giving the network “a near all-encompassing reach” of the area and allowing Bluebird to nurture the city’s 5G capabilities with “stronger support for new and existing cell towers in the area”.