ZenFi in partnership to boost New York and New Jersey services

ZenFi in partnership to boost New York and New Jersey services

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ZenFi Networks is expanding its capabilities in the New York and New Jersey metro region.

Working with Integration Partners, it will bring technologies from 1G to 400G transport and expand connectivity solutions to the market using technologies such as WiFi 6 and CBRS, said the company.

Walter Cannon, VP of business development, said: “Many of our financial services and healthcare customers are now requesting 100G and 400G connections. As the demands increase, we expect to see continued growth in these high capacity lit services.”

ZenFi’s partner in the project, Integration, is a US-wide IT services company which will consult, design and manage the network to bring new services to the footprint.

Integration Partners will bring in as suppliers to the project Juniper Networks, Ciena, Palo Alto Networks and Arista Networks as well as its own managed services.

Cannon said: “ZenFi Networks’ growth is contributed in large part by expanding our ecosystem with partnerships built on excellence and offering innovative solutions that are continually evolving. This collaborative approach leads to technological advancements in expanded and holistic capabilities for our customers.”

Bart Graf, principal and co-founder of Integration Partners, said: “The ZenFi Networks partnership brings their customers the tailor-made solutions they are looking for and delivers them as a service that their business demands.”

ZenFi has over 1100 route miles of fibre in the New York and New Jersey metro region, with increased network edge colocation facilities.



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