NordVPN upgrades infrastructure with launch of colocated servers

NordVPN upgrades infrastructure with launch of colocated servers

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NordVPN has announced an upgrade to its infrastructure with the deployment of colocated servers.

The company is adding a private server network, wholly-owned and controlled by the company itself, and the servers are expected to provide NordVPN users with an even higher level of security and privacy.

“The greatest advantage of having colocated servers is their complete ownership, which guarantees access only by our authorised people. We run our VPN service from a remote location, while the servers are housed in a secure facility with continual power supply, strong internet connectivity, and maximum security,” said Marijus Briedis, CTO at NordVPN.

“Even though our servers are under a strict policy on who can access them, for an even greater level of security, we’ll be attaching cameras to our server cabinets to help us investigate cases should there be any incidents.”

NordVPN’s first colocated servers are up and running in Finland, and the company said it ran several tests to make sure the new infrastructure operates at its best.

“This is just the beginning of NordVPN’s colocation deployment. In the long run, we’re planning to update our entire infrastructure with colocated servers. By the end of this year, more countries will be onboarded,” added Briedis.

“Colocation is still a unique feature on the VPN market, and NordVPN is one of the first providers to offer such a security measure.”

The company finished upgrading its entire infrastructure to RAM servers. NordVPN has recently undergone the second audit of its no-logs policies and became the first VPN provider to launch a public bug-bounty program.

It is also one of the founders of the VPN Trust Initiative, which is focused on creating industry guidelines and VPN business standards.

NordVPN has recently announced a strategic partnership with Troy Hunt, a web security firm and the creator of Have I Been Pwned.

Hunt is now a member of NordSec’s team of advisors who share their expertise and provide guidance on the company’s security and commercial practices.

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