Vapor IO partners with AlefEdge to enable edge computing over wireless networks

Vapor IO partners with AlefEdge to enable edge computing over wireless networks

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Kinetic Edge platform Vapor IO has announced that they will be rolling out their SD-ME services on the Kinetic Edge platform nationwide.

The Software-Defined Mobile Edge allows enterprises to deploy edge computing on top of private wireless networks.

The company said this creates a path to edge-enabled mobile applications, such as factory robotics, IoT, and other use cases.

The combined platforms provide a system for deploying edge computing services onto private networks, including existing LTE, CBRS and Wi-Fi networks, as well as forthcoming 5G networks.

The combination of Vapor IO's Kinetic Edge infrastructure and Alef Edge's SD-ME platform is set to provide the critical architecture to support Enterprise customers with 'near-prem' requirements that need ultra-low latency and high bandwidth.

SD-ME enables 5G-style immersive and intelligent applications to work over contemporary business environments and will be available first in Pittsburgh and Atlanta.

"A programmable mobile Edge has been out of reach for most of today's enterprises because of the complexity of both deployment and application development," said Ganesh Sundaram, CEO of AlefEdge.

"Placing our service atop Vapor IO's Kinetic Edge platform enables us to quickly deploy nationally and support 'near prem' workloads in the top 36 US Markets.

“Our services allow enterprises to leverage shared resources while maintaining the benefits of on-prem IT without the overhead of on-site management.

“The Kinetic Edge platform offers the most performant and resilient edge computing network, with a consistent experience across geographies."

In January of this year, Vapor IO announced its series C financing, raising a total of $90 million to build out its Kinetic Edge platform in 36 US markets by the end of 2021.

"Vapor IO has an aggressive rollout plan that spans the entire US," said Cole Crawford, CEO at Vapor IO.

"Together with partners like AlefEdge we are building the next chapter of the Internet. We are especially excited about AlefEdge's SD-ME and its ability to deliver Enterprises the flexible and secure architectures, along with seamless integrations and new APIs to digitally transform their work environments.

“For the first time, enterprises in our target markets will have the ability to easily subscribe to AlefEdge's SD-ME services and quickly integrate them into their network."

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